About UIAF

UIA Financial is a global investment management firm that is dedicated to delivering low-risk, high profit investments to our clients.  We are committed to using arbitrage opportunities to maximize our clients’ returns while minimizing risk.

Our investment strategy requires precise timing and individual investors do not have the resources to execute it efficiently. With our cross-market arbitrage and new issues arbitrage alternative investment products, we have enabled individual investors to participate in opportunities monopolized by only institutional investors.  We also provide our investors with the latest global investment market dynamics, news and strategies.  Our professional investment teams and senior trades work together to create first-hand investment solutions for our clients.

Management Team

The robust management team is made up of senior trading professionals in China and North America who focus on quantifying transactions, algorithmic trading and modeling technology, cross-market and various arbitrage trading technology development and trade execution.

Jany Liu: Jany has in-depth knowledge and experience in the stock market, foreign exchange, energy related futures and non-ferrous metals, rubbers, and agricultural products. She is an expert in risk management and portfolio efficiency.

Justin Zhou: Justin has a deep understanding of COMEX and SHFE precious metals and foreign exchange markets. Justin’s extensive knowledge in these areas enable him to adopt a low-risk, robust Sharpe Ratio model to achieve long-term track record of stable returns.

Allen Li:Allen is responsible for research, analysis, and development of financial arbitrage algorithms. He is an expert in grasping event-driven investment opportunities.

Emma Bi: Emma is very familiar with domestic and foreign economic policies, foreign exchange, stock markets and commodity markets. She is equipped with meticulous analytical skills and practical trading experience.